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Last Updated: Monday, 14 March, 2005, 11:49 GMT
Sharp fall in reported gun crime
Gun crime in Nottinghamshire fell sharply last year, the BBC can reveal.

The police dealt with 290 firearms incidents, compared with more than 400 the year before - a 28% drop.

The chief constable has said his force is struggling to cope with the number of murder inquiries, but many of these are not gun-related.

Figures from Operation Stealth, which targets gun crime in Notinghamshire, show a drop in the number of firearms fired and people injured by them.

Drug dealers

Despite a series of high-profile cases, such as the shooting of Danielle Beccan, officers on Operation Stealth feel they have turned a corner.

While there were 71 incidents involving firearms being discharged in 2003, this fell to 56 in 2004.

Similarly, though 35 people were injured by guns in 2003, this had fallen to 22 the following year.

But detectives have admitted in the past that since many shootings are the result of feuds between drug dealers, they are not reported to police.

The figures from Operation Stealth were obtained by the BBC ahead of their publication.

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