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Last Updated: Friday, 18 February, 2005, 09:12 GMT
Speed camera nets 4.2m in fines
Speed camera sign
The camera has caught thousands of speeders
A single speed camera in Nottinghamshire has caught almost 76,000 motorists in five years.

The camera, on the A610, has caught almost a third of the speeding drivers in the county and has resulted in 4.2m in fines.

The Specs "time-over-distance" cameras measures how long it takes to pass between two points on Nuthall Road.

Safety officers say accidents and the number of people injured on the road has halved in three years.

'Not cashing in'

Almost 280,000 motorists have been caught speeding in the county in the past five years - raising 16m in fines.

Alison Richards, from the county's safety camera partnership, said: "We're definitely not cashing in.

A610 Bobbersmill
A1 Elkesley
A60 South, Nottingham
A6004 Castle Boulevard/Abbey Bridge
A60 Woodhouse Road, Mansfield
A6514 Nottingham Ring Road
A52 Clifton Boulevard
A52 Middleton Boulevard
A611 Hucknall Road, Nottingham
A1 East Markham

"We have to look at driver responsibility first of all. All drivers should know - because they've passed their test - that the road signs indicate that they're coming into a 30mph zone.

"So they should start to think about slowing down before they get to that 30mph speed limit.

"We judge if a speed camera is working by the reduction of casualties at a particular site.

"It is an absolute shame really that we're in the position where cameras are hated so much and that people are paranoid that more cameras are being put up," she said.

"If drivers slowed down and paid more attention on the road we wouldn't have this issue of casualties or collisions and therefore we wouldn't be looking at installing more cameras."

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