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Last Updated: Thursday, 17 February, 2005, 17:46 GMT
Treasure hunter in 100,000 find
The gold torc is now at the British Museum
A metal detector enthusiast has struck gold after stumbling across an ancient necklace worth about 100,000.

Maurice Richardson, 55, of Newark, Notts, found the solid gold torc in a ploughed field on a farm near his home.

The self-employed tree surgeon thought he had found a piece of scrap metal when he came across the twisted necklace, weighing 1.5lb.

It has now been placed with the British Museum, where it will be properly examined and valued.

A coroner, who is expected to open a treasure trove inquest into the find, said it could be worth more than 100,000.

Maurice Richardson had found nothing of great worth in 30 years

Mr Richardson, who has been metal detecting for more than 30 years, has never found anything worth more than 100.

He said after the find: "I got down on my stomach and scraped away with my hands and a glint of gold came into view.

"It took me another half an hour to get it out of the ground because I was so nervous.

"It came out as though I had bought it from the shop yesterday.

"It shone, it was solid and perfect in every way. That is what the hobby is all about."

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