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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 February, 2005, 08:00 GMT
Police success with 'boy racers'
Boy racers
The cars are driven around the city centre at night
Police say dispersal orders are helping to stop so-called "boy racers" cruising around a city centre.

They have used the order to move on drivers who are harassing people in areas of Nottingham.

"If drivers move on, then we don't have to take any action, but if they park up and egg others on, then we can act," Sgt Neil Hallam said.

He said as many as 400 people have been gathering in the city centre at weekends, causing a lot of disruption.

'Driving badly'

"Some of these people are very sensible who want to park up and show their cars off, but others are attracted - and not all of them are serious car modifiers and they drive badly," he said.

"In November we had a nasty accident where a car full of children coming back from a family meal were hospitalised because one of the racers lost control.

"They need to find a location where they can practice their hobby - an off-road venue like a disused air field - to practice their hobby. "

He said the boy racers travel from as far away as Derby and Lincoln to take part in the cruising.

A local resident told BBC News: "Two Sundays running they had a police van parked nearby with a camera on it and now the racers know they are there."

The areas around Castle Boulevard and the Broadmarsh Centre in Nottingham had become popular venues at weekends.

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