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Last Updated: Monday, 31 January, 2005, 10:55 GMT
Gun crime fears 'hitting tourism'
Major Oak
Visitors are being scared away by violence and binge drinking
Nottingham's image as the gun crime capital of the UK is keeping visitors away - according to a council report.

Nottinghamshire councillors were told the whole county has endured a difficult year, due to negative images of the city in the media.

It says tourists do not differentiate between attractions like Sherwood Forest and binge drinking in the city.

Experience Nottinghamshire, the county's tourism body, disputes the report's findings.

Vibrant place

In the past year negative publicity has centred around binge drinking and violent behaviour in the city centre.

A TV documentary also questioned whether levels of policing were sufficient to cope with trouble.

John Healy from Experience Nottinghamshire said: "For us who are in the place and for visitors who come, the perception of Nottingham is that it's a very safe, friendly and vibrant place.

"We know that the gun crime is very localised, very restricted and it doesn't at the end of the day affect visitor numbers."

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