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Last Updated: Saturday, 29 January, 2005, 16:10 GMT
Police battle high car crime rate
Nottinghamshire has the highest car crime rate in the UK
Nottinghamshire has the highest rate of car crime in the UK according to the latest national statistics.

More than 4,000 cars were stolen in the county in the year ending in April 2004 and only 10% were recovered, the British Crime Survey said.

The figures show that of every 1,000 vehicles in the country, 28 were broken into or stolen in Notts.

Supt David Colbeck said: "A lot of this crime is committed by drug-fuelled criminals who need to get their fix."

"If we can treat them it will help reduce crime," he said.

The survey showed that both Derbyshire and Leicestershire had a rate of 15 vehicle thefts or break-ins per 1,000.

Lincolnshire had the lowest rate in the region with 10 per 1,000 vehicles.

The survey said car crime has declined by 10% nationally between 2003 and 2004.

Warning over rise in car crimes
14 Nov 04 |  Nottinghamshire


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