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Last Updated: Monday, 17 January, 2005, 13:53 GMT
Police move closer to community
A police contact point in part of Nottingham that has been closed for over a year has reopened.

The centre, on Mansfield Road in Sherwood, will be manned by three full-time police officers.

They have been relocated from Oxclose Lane Police Station and will also spend more time on the beat in Sherwood, Carrington and Mapperley.

The officers say the contact point will help bring a better sense of co-operation between police and public.

PC Jeanette Stasuik, who be on patrol in the area, said: "We are actually in the community meeting people and speaking to them, not hiding behind a car door.

"This means we are not driving past people who may want to stop and talk and give valuable information.

"So many people have approached us and said they are so glad to see us on the street."

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