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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 January, 2005, 12:45 GMT
'Landmark' phone box preserved
A hamlet in Nottinghamshire is to keep its red phone box following a long campaign by local residents.

BT had planned to remove the traditional phone box in the hamlet of Kersall near Newark because it was not being used enough.

The box, which has been lovingly cared for by residents for 30 years, is filled with fresh flowers and even decorated with Christmas lights.

BT officials say they have had a "rethink" and it will not be removed.

Campaigner Julia Smith said: "I think it's excellent news, its a key feature for the village and everyone looks for it.

"You can always give people directions in Kersall from the telephone box.

"I think it works well for everybody and it's part of our heritage.

"It's just a prominent landmark here in our village.

"There's very little else here - there's no pub, there's no shops, we're a small hamlet and a phone box is a focal point."

Phone box under threat of removal
24 Dec 04 |  Nottinghamshire

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