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Killing sparked forestry search
Police dog handlers at Annesley Forest
The officers were drafted in from around the country

The death of Terry Rodgers on hunger strike is the latest twist in a killing that left a small Nottinghamshire mining community shocked and baffled.

The brutal death of his recently married daughter, Chanel Taylor, in July 2004 led to one of the biggest manhunts in the county's history.

Because by a bizarre coincidence another killing had taken place nearby and another killer was hiding in the same area of woodland.

Marriage breakdown

Chanel Taylor had been married for just seven weeks when she was found shot in the head at her terraced house in Huthwaite.

The hairdresser was found by her new husband, Lee Taylor. They had married seven weeks earlier.

Chanel Taylor
Chanel Taylor was killed weeks after her wedding

Terry Rodgers had been living with the young couple following the breakdown of his marriage.

But after Mrs Taylor's death he disappeared, leaving his car abandoned.

As police became increasingly convinced he was hiding out nearby, 600 hundred officers were drafted in from forces across the north of England to scour the local forest.

But they were not only looking for Terry Rodgers. There had also been sightings in the area of Robert Boyer, who had used a crossbow and sword to kill local resident Keith Frogson.

Psychiatric illness

Armed officers, sniffer dogs and helicopters with heat-seeking equipment were used to hunt the two men.

By the end of the weekend of 15 August 2004 - the police had arrested them both.

Wanted poster
Locals were asked to look out for Rogers, but not to approach him

Nottinghamshire Police Authority estimated the four-day manhunt had cost nearly 1m.

Supt Stuart Wright said at the time of Rodger's arrest: "There was evidence that Mr Rodgers had been living in the woods for some time, but the shelter was not substantial."

Rodgers was deemed to be fit and well by a police surgeon following his arrest - he was not malnourished or dehydrated.

In court, he later admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

But he had been due to stand trial for murder in March.

Boyer, 43, was later convicted of manslaughter and detained indefinitely in a mental institution suffering from a delusional psychiatric illness.

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