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Last Updated: Friday, 12 November, 2004, 13:47 GMT
Danielle family lay her to rest
mourners at Danielle Beccan's funeral
More than 1,000 people attended the funeral
The mother of Nottingham schoolgirl Danielle Beccan called for forgiveness as thousands of mourners gathered at her daughter's funeral on Friday.

Paula Platt said 14-year-old Danielle's life was "not in vain" and she had touched the lives of many people.

The teenager was shot in the abdomen on 9 October in a drive-by shooting while returning home from Nottingham's Goose Fair.

Ms Platt called for "an end to the bitterness" which followed her death.

Gospel choir

Two 20-year-old men from Nottingham have been remanded in custody charged with Danielle's murder.

More than 1,000 people gathered for her funeral at the Trent Vineyard Church.

Paula Platt at her daughter's funeral
My Danielle is to me a beautiful, spectacular, blessed and much loved daughter and I am proud to be her mum
Paula Platt, Danielle's mother

Pastor Joan Richards said Mrs Platt wants "a closure to any bitterness, for a new beginning of love in the community."

About 300 seats at the church were reserved for Danielle's extended family, who were coming from across the country and abroad.

Mrs Platt was accompanied by her nine-year-old son, Joshua and three-year-old daughter Yasmin.

Her husband, Robert Platt, and Danielle's father, Dale Beccan, were among the pall bearers who carried the teenager's coffin in to the packed church.

'Much loved'

Many mourners had to stand inside the church because so many people wanted to pay tribute to Danielle.

Mrs Platt, speaking of her daughter's "contradictions", said: "She was shy yet outgoing, quiet yet loud, intelligent and capable, yet sometimes silly and unsure of herself.

"My Danielle is to me a beautiful, spectacular, blessed and much loved daughter and I am proud to be her mum."

Danielle's school friends were also at the service, and a gospel choir sang.

They all wore pink and blue - Danielle's favourite colours - and carried flowers.

The service was relayed outside the church on loudspeakers.

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