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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 May, 2004, 12:52 GMT 13:52 UK
Two dogs killed in swan attacks
The swan, pictured here, was probably protecting its cygnets
Pet owners are being warned to keep their animals under control after two dogs were killed by a swan in a Nottinghamshire park.

Both dogs drowned in a mill pond at Carrs Park, Warsop, apparently after being attacked by the territorial cob.

In the latest attack, a spaniel was playing and jumped into the water, provoking the swan to attack.

The BBC understands the swan may have lost cygnets in a previous shooting incident at the park.

The RSPCA described the attacks as highly unusual, but urged pet owners to keep their animals away from wildlife.

Mansfield councillor Danny McCrossan said: "These are quite frightening incidents and we are keen to warn dog owners that it is important in any public space to keep your dog under control.

This is a highly unusual incident and the first of its kind that I have heard of in 18 years with the RSPCA
Tim Wass, RSPCA

"It was only a natural reaction by the swan to attack the dogs, so we cannot blame them, but these incidents can be prevented if people ensure their pets do not go near the wildlife."

RSPCA east region superintendent Tim Wass said: "In our experience this is a highly unusual incident and the first of its kind that I have heard of in 18 years with the RSPCA.

"Swans can be parentally and territorially defensive, as can many animals if they feel threatened, and it's important that the public respect their environment and make sure that domestic animals do not come into direct contact with wildlife."

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