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City's recent history of murders
A series of high profile murders has left Nottingham police "struggling to cope", the city's top officer says.

Steve Green warned the force is dealing with 30 killings, that it has to "borrow" officers from elsewhere and may "farm out" whole investigations.

His comments reflect the unenviable reputation Nottingham has earned.

Over the past few years it has often been saddled with the title of "gun city" and has seen many headline grabbing deaths, including those below.


The bodies of Katie Baxter, 18, and Zoe Pennick, 26, were found in a disused warehouse in Nottingham in February 2005.

Katie Baxter and Zoe Pennick
Katie Baxter and Zoe Pennick were sleeping rough

Another woman, Ellen Frith, 25, was discovered after a blaze at a derelict flat in the St Ann's area in January.

Mark Joseph Martin, 25, was remanded in custody when he appeared before Nottingham magistrates in March, charged with their murders.

Dean Carr, 30, and John Ashley, 34, also both homeless, had previously appeared in court, charged with the murder of Ms Frith.


The shooting of 14-year-old Danielle Beccan last October prompted widespread outrage and led to renewed efforts to tackle Nottingham's gun crime problem.

Danielle Beccan
Danielle Beccan was shot close to her home

Then Home Secretary David Blunkett visited the city and met her father and friends.

Danielle died in her mother's arms after being shot just yards from her home in St Ann's, as she returned with friends from the Goose Fair.

Two men accused of her murder have pleaded not guilty and are due to stand trial in September.


Marian Bates, 64, was shot dead at her jeweller's shop in Arnold, Nottinghamshire, in September 2003.

Marian Bates
Marian Bates was shot during a robbery in her shop

At an ongoing trial at Stafford Crown Court Peter Williams, 18, of no fixed address, has denied her murder. Three others deny charges relating to the robbery.

Mrs Bates' husband Victor told the jury that he had grabbed a fencing foil and tried to stab the gunman moments after the shooting.

Mr Bates said he would have killed him had he been able to.


More than 20 arrests have been made in connection with the death of 16-year-old Brendon Lawrence, but no-one has been charged with his murder.

Brendon Lawrence
Brendon was shot on the street in St Ann's in 2002

He was shot twice in the left leg and once in the chest as he stepped out of a car close to his home in St Ann's on 19 February 2002.

Despite extensive police work, family appeals and a 10,000 reward, information about his killer was not forthcoming.

His mother, Janice Collins, has had talks with Tony Blair and former Home Secretary David Blunkett and still hopes her son's killers will be caught.


Marvyn Bradshaw, 22, was shot dead outside a pub in Top Valley in an apparent case of mistaken identity in August 2003.

Marvyn Bradshaw
Marvyn Bradshaw was killed outside a pub in 2003

Michael O'Brien was sentenced to life for his murder at a trial in August 2004 - and the judge said he showed "no remorse" for the killing.

Later that month O'Brien's mother, Joan Stirland, and her husband John, were shot dead in their home in Trusthorpe, Lincolnshire (see below).

Lincolnshire Police are investigating a possible link between the two cases.


Joan and John Stirland, 53 and 55, left Nottingham after Mrs Stirland's son - Michael O'Brien - was convicted of murdering Marvyn Bradshaw.

Joan and John Stirland
Joan and John Stirland had fled their home in Nottingham

They fled after shots were fired into their home in the Carlton area of Nottingham, but their killers traced them to the seaside village in Lincolnshire.

Police are investigating the possibility of a revenge motive in their killing.

During the inquiry a number of people from Nottingham have been arrested.


Donzal Munn, 25, was shot dead as he sat in his car on Palin Street in Radford in Nottingham on 6 May.

He died later in hospital from his injuries.

After a high-profile campaign, a 28-year-old Nottingham man was arrested and charged with his murder in August 2004.


Omar Watson, 24, was shot dead at Nefertiti's Secret hair salon in Radford, Nottingham on 7 November 2003.

Mr Watson had been shot in another incident three months earlier.

A man charged with that attack was cleared of attempted murder.

A 10,000 reward was offered for information leading to a conviction of his killer.

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