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Flightless bird walks into garden
Jordan and Paige Wainwright with the bird
The Wainwrights' grandchildren have fallen in love with the bird
A 4ft tall flightless bird has been adopted by a family after it wandered into their back garden in Derbyshire.

The bird, thought to be a Rhea - which are related to ostriches - turned up in Stanley and Margaret Wainwright's garden in Codnor one week ago.

Since then the family have been feeding the bird and the couple's grandchildren Jordan, Paige and Megan have a new pet.

The family are trying to find its owner but say if no-one comes forward they would like to keep the bird.

Stan Wainwright said: "We saw it Monday morning. It came through the paddock at the rear of the field.

We would like to take it - my grandchildren love it
Stan Wainwright
"We rang the police up but they didn't know anything about it.

"Someone's told us it could be a rhea of the ostrich family. That is all we know about it."

The Wainwrights, who already keep 11 geese, have made appeals in local newspapers and on BBC Radio Nottingham to try to trace the owner but have not had any replies.

"It could have been abandoned," said Mr Wainwright.

"If that is the case we would like to take it. My grandchildren love it.

"We would keep it here as we have plenty of room."

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