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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 August, 2004, 16:05 GMT 17:05 UK
Seal pups injured by fishing net
Injured seal
The two seals are recovering in Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary
Two seal pups have been rescued in the North Sea after being entangled in a fishing net for up to three weeks.

The two pups had deep lacerations on their necks and backs and were exhausted when they were taken to the nearby Mablethorpe Sea Sanctuary.

The distressed pair were spotted by a member of the public and rescued by a coastguard who named them after his children, Cerys and Euan.

Both pups are recovering and will be released back into the sea soon.

Julie Houldershaw, from the sanctuary, said: "I have certainly seen a lot of seal pups come in with different problems.

Injured seal
Cerys had deep lacerations where the fishing net cut into her
"But this particular female was the worst case I have ever seen.

"The hook was actually well into her skin, to be honest she was so exhausted and just about ready to give up. I don't think she would have lasted many more days."

Sanctuary staff believe the seals may have been caught up in the net for up to three weeks.

Now holiday-makers are being asked to watch out for seals and litter along the coastline that could harm them.

Michelle Orriss, also from the sanctuary, said: "Even the smallest bit of net can get caught around a seal so if anybody does see something on a beach we do encourage them to dispose of it.

"Obviously this doesn't happen to animals on purpose but unfortunately it just a by-product of people fishing and being out using the coastal areas that seals use as well."

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