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Explorer goes solo for South Pole
Fiona Thornewill
Fiona has already walked to both the North and Sole Poles
An adventurer from Nottinghamshire is aiming to walk unaided to the South Pole.

Fiona Thornewill, 37, from Thurgarton near Nottingham has already walked to both the North and South Poles with her husband Mike, a policeman.

But she wants to make the journey to the South Pole completely unaided.

Several other polar adventurers have the same goal in mind, so she is working hard to raise money for the trip.

Bold step

The East Midlands Development Agency has already awarded her 10,000 towards the cost of the journey.

An EMDA spokesman said Ms Thornewill is proof that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

The employment consultant walked to the South Pole in 2000 when she renewed her marriage vows.

Fiona and Mike Thornewill
I am leaving after Fiona but I really hope to be able to meet her at the Pole.
Mike Thornewill
Polar adventurer
"It will be total euphoria if I reach the pole.

"My emotions will be so huge as this is such a bold step for me to take," she said.

The trip will involve walking for eight hours a day and will cover 700 miles in temperatures of -60C.

She will leave in October and the trip should take about 70 days.

Her husband Mike also has a challenge to tackle - he wants to take five novice adventurers and follow the unfinished route of Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton to the South Pole wearing period clothing.

"I am leaving after Fiona but I really hope to be able to meet her at the Pole," Mike said.

Shackleton abandoned the journey after his ship got trapped in ice, but managed to survive along with his fellow explorers.

In 2001, Fiona and her husband reached the North Pole with British woman Catharine Hartley and Canadian guide Paul Landry.

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