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Last Updated: Tuesday, 19 August, 2003, 12:24 GMT 13:24 UK
S Club stalker jailed
Tina Barrett
S Club star Tina Barrett was showered with flowers and gifts
A doctor's son from Nottinghamshire who sent threatening e-mails to a pop star has been jailed for six months.

Steven Hindley, 41, showered S Club singer Tina Barrett with roses, chocolates and teddy-bears.

But when the messages were ignored, he began to mention threats to the band, including a potential sniper attack.

Nottingham magistrate Brian Noake said on Tuesday there was no simple way of punishing Hindley.

But he said he had taken Hindley's serious psychological problems - which include Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism - into account.

Different names

Hindley, the son of a retired GP, began his nine-month campaign in March 2002 with standard fan mail.

But after getting no reaction, the nature of the messages became increasingly bizarre.

Steven Hindley
Steven Hindley suffers from a form of autism
One e-mail begged Miss Barrett to visit him at his home, claiming he was the victim of an incurable brain-tumour and had just three weeks to live.

He would send an average of three e-mails a night using different names, while also posting a string of letters and presents.

Sam Perry, prosecuting, said he ended up shelling out thousands of pounds on extravagant gifts such as chocolates, flowers and cuddly toys.

In another instance an e-mail warned that a sniper would shoot the star on a tour of Canada and in a separate message, Hindley claimed he was waiting outside Miss Barrett's home waiting to "hack her to death".

Hindley, of Fern Road, Cropwell Bishop, denied a charge of harassment but was convicted by magistrates at the end of a trial earlier this year.

At an earlier hearing, he also pleaded guilty to seven offences relating to the downloading of child pornography from the internet.

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