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Bhutto visits Nottingham
Preparing for Benazir's Bhutto's visit
Benazir Bhutto visited Mohammed Zaman at his home in Beeston
The former prime minister of Pakistan has been visiting Nottingham.

Benazir Bhutto began her trip by dropping in on the Beeston home of the UK vice president of the Pakistan People's Party, Mohammed Zaman.

He said: "I have been trying to get her to come to Nottingham for the last 10 years but she never had the time before.

"I'm so very grateful she did make the effort to give me the honour to receive her in my own house."

Rose petals

Ms Bhutto swept through the narrow residential streets of Beeston surrounded by a cavalcade of motor cars with flags flying.

She was greeted with showers of rose petals and chanting.

"I thought it was like being back in Pakistan," she said, "I've been to quite a few functions in England but they're normally more restrained.

"When we came within the precincts of Nottingham there were all these cars with the tri-colours of the People's Party and I thought 'Wait a minute, where am I?'"

I thought it was like being back in Pakistan
Benazir Bhutto

But she added her visit to Nottingham was aimed to call her party people together.

"Pakistan's image affects the status of people living abroad too.

"When it has a good image people are looked upon with respect, but when terrorists start getting arrested in the country, the people here also get concerned."

Ms Bhutto spoke to those gathered at Mr Zaman's home in a marquee housing 500 people on the family's lawn.

She then went on to Nottingham's Albert Hall to address the Pakistani community as part of Independence Day celebrations.

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