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Women asked to donate eggs
Doriver Lilley
Mrs Lilley has had twins using IVF treatment
A hospital that specialises in fertility treatment has started a campaign to cut the delays faced by women wanting IVF treatment.

The Park Hospital near Nottingham has more than 130 couples waiting for donated eggs to get pregnant.

Many wait as long as 18 months for a donor to come forward.

The centre has established an egg-share scheme where women are offered free IVF treatment if they donate eggs for another couple to use.

Twin success

The hospital's embryology lab - called CARE or Centre for Assisted Reproduction - is appealing for more donors to come forward.

Doriver Lilley of Derby has donated eggs to the scheme after having successful treatment at the centre.

Her five-year old twins Daniel and Jordanne were conceived at the hospital.

"I think it is wonderful - if some feels they want to donate eggs either as an altruistic donor or with an egg-share scheme, then that is absolutely fantastic.
The gift of life is a most ultimate gift - it is a wonderful thing
Dr George Nduke
Park Hospital

"When I look back at it I find it is one of the best things I have ever done in my life."

Mrs Lilley now runs ACebabes or Assisted Conception Babies - a support group for women who have had IVF treatment.

Dr George Nduke of the Park Hospital says: "The gift of life is a most ultimate gift - it is a wonderful thing."

Mrs Lilley says anyone who decides to donate eggs should undergo counselling first.

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