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First demoted tenancy order given

A 40-year-old Northampton woman has lost the right to buy her council-owned home or to exchange and move somewhere else over of a dispute about her dogs.

Karen Hanna, of Camp Hill, has become the first resident to be given a demoted tenancy in the town.

Northampton County Court heard she repeatedly ignored warnings from the borough council to control her dogs.

Judge Charles Harris was satisfied Ms Hanna had breached her tenancy keeping dogs without council permission.

Ms Hanna said her dogs kept escaping from her home but would always return.

Judge Harris issued a control order that takes away tenants' rights to buy or exchange and also means the council can re-possess the home at any time if she fails to comply.

The borough council said it took her to court after receiving complaints from neighbours and the local primary school who said they feared for their safety as the dogs were allowed to roam the streets.

Ms Hanna is the first tenant in Northampton to be handed a Demoted Tenancy Order.

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