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Judge rejects escaper's jumpsuit

A prison van was sent to fetch an inmate's clothes after he was taken to court dressed in a jumpsuit designed to identify people at risk of escaping.

The judge at Northampton Crown Court said Barry McGlone, from Corby, should attend in his own clothes.

Clothes was collected from HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes, 20 miles away.

The Prison Service said an error had been made. McGlone was later sentenced to a further eight months in prison for absconding and common assault

The Prison Service has denied a report the clothes swap was to protect the prisoner's human rights.

A spokeswoman said: "Due to an error, the prisoner's own clothes were not transported to court from the prison.

"At the request of the judge, arrangements were made to transport the clothes to the court for his appearance.

"It is established practice that prisoners attend court in their own clothes. This ensures that the prisoner's appearance does not prejudice the case."

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