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Trader set to stand against Davis

David Davis
Davis Davis' seat will be contested by trader Eamonn Fitzpatrick

A Northampton market trader has declared he will stand in the by-election forced by the resignation of Conservative MP David Davis.

Eamonn Fitzpatrick, who stood as an Independent candidate for Northampton South in 2005, said he will be arguing in favour of 42-day terror detention.

The 58-year-old said Mr Davis' stand against this was the "biggest political blunder since the Iraq war".

Labour is yet to state whether it will fight for Haltemprice and Howden.

The party has said it will not decide whether to contest the ballot until Mr Davis formally stands down later this week.

Forty-two days detention is a reasonable act for unreasonable people
Eamonn Fitzpatrick, prospective candidate

The Lib Dems said it backed Mr Davis' decision and will not be contesting the seat.

A date for the by-election in the Yorkshire constituency, likely to be within a month, is yet to be set.

Mr Davis announced his resignation on Thursday after MPs voted narrowly to extend the maximum time terrorism suspects can be held, before they are charged, from four to six weeks.

A fruit and vegetable stall holder and anti-war campaigner, Mr Fitzpatrick said he believed Mr Davis' decision was wrong.

"Forty-two days detention is a reasonable act for unreasonable people," he told the BBC News website.

"He's made a big mistake. He's made the biggest political blunder since the Iraq war."

Mr Fitzpatrick said he fought to protect Northampton town centre in the 2005 election.

"I care about the country, I care about my town and I don't like what's happening to the towns with the supermarkets," Mr Fitzpatrick said.

"I'm the only working man putting up for this and I've had a brilliant reaction. People have shook my hand and have been wishing me luck."

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