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Indian worker wins accent claim
Chetankumar Meshram
Chetankumar Meshram was embarrassed and humiliated
A Northampton man of Indian origin sent home early from a work trip to India because he was not "English enough" has won a racial discrimination claim.

Chetankumar Meshram worked for telecoms firm Talk Talk in the town and was selected for an eight-week secondment to New Delhi to train staff in India.

Bedford Employment Tribunal heard he was sent home after three weeks because his accent was not "English enough".

Talk Talk Direct was found guilty of racial discrimination.

The tribunal upheld Mr Meshram's claim and found that he had suffered both direct and indirect racial discrimination.

Mr Meshram said: "I am happy that the tribunal has found in my favour.

"I was very embarrassed about being sent back from India to the UK because of my Indian accent.

"I hope that this ruling will encourage people to select employees to carry out work based on their skills and knowledge regardless of what country they live or work in."

Christopher Fray, of Northamptonshire Racial Equality Council, represented Mr Meshram and said after the verdict: "Mr Meshram is an extremely friendly, intelligent, and efficient worker.

"It is sad that he has had to endure embarrassment and humiliation purely because he has an Indian accent.

"This case delivers a clear message to the community that preconceived ideas about a person's intelligence or ability should not be judged by the type of accent which they speak with."

Chetankumar Meshram began speaking English as a two-year-old

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