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Town flood defence plan unveiled
Flood scene in Far Cotton, 1998
Five people died in the Easter floods of 1998
Plans for a new flood defence scheme have been unveiled in Northampton, nine years after major flooding hit the town, leaving two dead.

The government has announced 6m is to be spent on flood defences at Upton to reduce the risk of flooding, increased following the development of new homes.

Wetland areas and embankments along the River Nene are to be created under the scheme, English Partnerships said.

Floods hit 2,500 properties in the Far Cotton area of the town in April 1998.

Five people lost their lives across Central and Eastern England in the Easter floods.

Emergency reservoir

Further flooding hit some newly developed homes in the town in June this year, and English Partnerships has announced the flood defence scheme is designed to target the increased flood risk in the area due to new developments.

Steve Collins, of English Partnerships, told BBC News: "It's not actually been seen as a necessity [before now] despite the fact you had the floods in 1998.

"However, with the ongoing expansion and redevelopment, remodelling of Northampton town centre and again the urban extensions of Northampton that are planned as part of the housing growth agenda, its seen as an important part of delivering infrastructure before that housing growth occurs."

The new defences will enable two million cubic metres of water to be stored in an emergency reservoir.

Six million pounds has been invested in turning flood plains into reservoirs

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