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Police destroy more than 400 guns
Guns to be destroyed
Police officers with some of the guns police have destroyed
More than 400 guns handed in or seized by police in Northamptonshire over the past year have been destroyed.

The haul was made up of real firearms and imitation guns, all of which have now been shredded at a scrap yard.

Some of the weapons were confiscated by police while others were handed in by owners or collectors during weapons' amnesties.

Chief Insp Sean Bell said that with the weapons taken off the streets, Northamptonshire was a safer place.

He said: "These are now guns that cannot fall into the wrong hands.

"They have been taken off the streets of Northamptonshire and have now been destroyed and put beyond use.

"That can only be a good thing for the county," he added.

County 'still safe' despite firearms surge
22 Jan 04 |  Northamptonshire

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