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Globetrotting teddy lost on trip
Spencer the bear
Spencer the bear went missing on a trip to Great Yarmouth
A globetrotting teddy bear who belongs to a primary school class has gone missing on his latest adventure.

Spencer the bear, five, was lost on an outing to an amusement arcade in Great Yarmouth, with a year two pupil from Nassington School, Northamptonshire.

The bear, an educational aid, is taken away by pupils who take photos of his travels for classmates. He has been to Australia, India and South America.

Teacher Jo Armstrong said her pupils were devastated by his disappearance.

Ms Armstrong told the BBC the "precious bear" had been on a trip, with a pupil from the school, to Norfolk.

'Well travelled bear'

"He [Spencer the bear] sat down for a rest in an arcade, whilst some people were playing on a game, and when they turned around he'd disappeared," Ms Armstrong said.

"Whether he's been 'bearnapped' or whether he's just gone off on his own wanderings we don't know - he might well have jumped into someone's bag.

"He goes away so the children can find out about the world around them - he's been with parents on business trips, he's had photographs taken of him in the coliseum in Rome, and on various bridges around falls in South America.

"He's a very well travelled bear."

She urged anyone who finds the smartly dressed bear, who was described by the school as just over 20cm tall, with biscuit-coloured fur, a maroon scarf and "Spencer bear" written on his paws, to contact the school.

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