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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 March 2007, 07:08 GMT 08:08 UK
Householders to get CCTV cameras
Kingswood Estate
It is hoped the cameras will deter anti-social behaviour
CCTV cameras are to be mounted on the sides of houses on an estate in Northamptonshire in a bid to deter anti-social behaviour.

Police are giving out the free cameras to 100 householders on the Kingswood Estate in Corby.

It is hoped the cameras will make people living on the estate feel safer.

Northants Police have recently seen their policy of high-profile patrols on the estate reap rewards with house burglaries down by 62% from last year.

Fight against crime

The safer community team began their patrols last July.

A police spokesman said the cameras were to help residents join the police in the fight against crime.

"We're not asking them to get involved in any investigations or anything like that," he said.

"It's merely to assist us in monitoring the local environment and if and when a crime or incident of note occurs to make the footage from their camera available to us."

Neighbourhood manager Mike Dixon said: "The scheme will begin in Kingswood, but we will be looking at putting cameras in other parts of the borough eventually."

The 100 cameras are going up outside homes on the Corby estate

More cameras watch town's streets
14 Mar 07 |  Somerset

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