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Last Updated: Friday, 16 March 2007, 13:31 GMT
MP believes some Asbos are unfair
Peter Bone MP
Peter Bone MP says some children need help not Asbos
An MP claims that up to 30% of Anti-social Behaviour Orders could have been given out unjustly to youngsters.

Wellingborough MP Peter Bone is raising the issue after some local youngsters with learning difficulties and mental health problems were given Asbos.

Their parents had approached him to highlight the issues involved.

The MP says he is sure the majority of Asbos are given wisely but has been told there are vulnerable youngsters who need to be protected.

He said: "The problem is that once you get to issuing an Asbo you've failed.

"There are good policing techniques being used in Wellingborough and with enough resources officers could crack down early enough on the 70% who cause trouble to prevent an Asbo being issued.

"I do not think that everyone who gets an Asbo needs help but there is a significant 30% that do and these could be seen as being treated unfairly."

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