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Life for father who murdered baby
Andrew Randall
Andrew Randall admitted murder and causing grievous bodily harm
A father who sexually abused, tortured and murdered his seven-week-old baby daughter has been jailed for life.

Andrew Randall, 33, of Havelock Street, in Kettering, committed "a catalogue of horrendous violence" on baby Jessica, Northampton Crown Court heard.

Jessica, born five weeks early, was abused almost from when she left hospital until her death in 2005.

Randall had earlier admitted murder, causing grievous bodily harm and four counts of sexually abusing Jessica.

I am quite satisfied there was a sexual element, coupled and inextricably bound up with the violence
Judge Charles Wide QC

Sentencing Randall to a "whole life term" on Tuesday, Judge Charles Wide QC told him he was a sadistic killer.

He said Randall had fantasised about serial killers and had had a fascination with horror films since he was a young boy.

"I am quite satisfied there was a sexual element, coupled and inextricably bound up with the violence," said Judge Wide.

"Even if it were not, one can only look at the aggravating features of this case - a tiny child, abuse lasting the whole of her few weeks of life... and the most gross breach of trust that one can imagine, a father murdering a tiny, vulnerable, utterly dependent baby.

'Killing fantasy'

"The seriousness of this case is so exceptionally high that a sentence of life imprisonment is appropriate with a whole life order."

Randall had even written poems about wanting to kill.

After her death, Jessica was found to have at least nine injuries to her ribs as well as bleeding on the brain, a fractured skull and cuts to her face.

She was killed in the early hours of 21 November when Randall, allegedly trying to keep her quiet, threw her headfirst into the wooden arms of a settee at the flat he shared with his child and her mother Sharon Park, who suffers from schizophrenia.

In police interviews he told officers of his resentment towards the child from the start of her life, how he had thought of killing her every day.

A man who subjected his baby girl to horrific abuse is told he will never be released from prison

Father murdered his baby daughter
15 Nov 06 |  Northamptonshire

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