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Father murdered his baby daughter
A man has admitted murdering his baby daughter after thinking about killing her every day since her birth as part of fantasy about controlling women.

Andrew Randall, 33, of Havelock Street in Kettering, committed "a catalogue of horrendous violence" on seven-week-old Jessica, Northampton Crown Court.

Jessica, born five weeks early, was abused almost since she left hospital until her death in November last year.

Randall also pleaded guilty to causing her grievous bodily harm.

He knew he was causing his daughter great pain and that she was in danger from him
Frances Oldham QC

After her death, Jessica was found to have at least nine injuries to her ribs as well as brain injuries and cuts to her face, the court heard.

After the hearing it was announced an investigation has begun into health workers' care of Jessica before her death.

She was killed in the early hours of 21 November when Randall, trying to keep her quiet, threw her head first into the wooden arm of a settee.

In police interviews Randall told officers of his resentment towards his daughter from the start of her life and how he had thought of killing her every day.

Prosecutor Frances Oldham QC said: "He told them that these things he did was because he had the power to do so.

"He had fantasised about having control since he was 12.

"He had thought about killing, torture and imprisonment of women mostly. He thought about hurting and killing before, and wanted to do it before he was caught and jailed because that would be the ultimate for him.

"The defendant accepts that on more than one occasion he compressed, or stamped on, the child's chest.

'Whole-life term'

"He knew he was causing his daughter great pain and that she was in danger from him."

Judge Charles Wide QC told Randall he was considering imposing a whole-life term.

Judge Wide adjourned sentence for two psychiatric reports to be prepared on Randall.

About the inquiry into her care, the court heard Jessica had been taken to Kettering General Hospital, out-of-hours doctor services and her local GP on numerous occasions in the weeks before her death.

Despite nurses and health workers spotting a lack of bonding between parents and daughter, only weekly visits to the family flat in Havelock Street, Kettering, were arranged.

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