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Last Updated: Monday, 4 September 2006, 08:13 GMT 09:13 UK
Outdoor pool shuts after 40 years
Daventry outdoor pool
Daventry outdoor pool will be filled in to make a car park
An outdoor swimming pool has been closed and will be filled in and turned into a temporary car park in Northants despite a campaign to keep it open.

The final session was held on Sunday at the Daventry pool, which was built in 1966 after five children drowned while swimming in a local reservoir.

Marjorie Warne, whose 10-year-old son was one of those who died, attended the final session at the pool.

She said people worked for four years to raise 40,000 to build the pool.

Crowds returned

"My husband was in business at that time," Mrs Warne said. "He got together with other people to run a tote to collect 40,000 which was a big sum in those days."

In its heyday, the leisure complex had two big pools and a paddling area for toddlers.

Attendances dwindled in recent years but this summer's sunshine brought back the crowds with hundreds of people queuing to get in on some days.

The council said it had decided to close the pool because it was paying about 70,000 a year for a management company to run the facility.

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