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Last Updated: Friday, 30 June 2006, 16:39 GMT 17:39 UK
Gunman threatens woman and child
A man who threatened a woman and her two-year-old daughter with a gun as they walked through woodland is being hunted by police in Northampton.

They were walking in an area by Crestwood Road and Watermeadow Drive, known locally as Thorplands Brook, when their dog approached a man.

Northamptonshire Police said he took a pistol from his pocket and threatened the woman before being disturbed.

The man was black, in his early 30s, 5ft 9ins, with hair in long dreadlocks.

'Very distinctive'

He had a tattoo on his right shoulder and was wearing a black vest top with red patches and black tracksuit bottoms.

He wore a thick gold neck chain and headphones.

Police said the woman and her daughter were not injured but were left very frightened.

A spokesperson said: "This was obviously a disturbing incident particularly on a summer's afternoon in a popular area with walkers.

"The description of the offender is very distinctive and we are appealing for anyone who knows who he is to contact us."

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