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Last Updated: Thursday, 1 September 2005, 15:56 GMT 16:56 UK
Driver loses speed camera appeal
A retired antique dealer has lost his appeal but won praise from a judge after he was caught doing 46mph in an 40mph zone by a police speed camera.

David Munn was driving a Peugeot 407 on the A509 in Great Harrowden, Northants, in October last year, when he was caught by a speed camera.

At Northampton Crown Court on Thursday Munn, 62, of London, lost his appeal against conviction on legal grounds.

But Judge Richard Bray praised the way he had argued his case.

Munn claimed he was under the speed limit because he knew the road and was well aware of the location of the camera.

You are not alone in this county in being unhappy with some of the provision of speed cameras
Judge Richard Bray

At the Crown Court on Thursday, Munn argued that he had been wrongly convicted by magistrates because the police should not have enhanced a picture of his car to reveal its number plate.

He also said they had not proved the camera had been properly calibrated.

Judge Bray said: "You are not alone in this county in being unhappy with some of the provision of speed cameras.

"Some people feel it is a form of taxation which is turning law-abiding citizens, such as yourself, into criminals. It is not a very satisfactory state of affairs."

Camera location

The judge said he accepted the prosecution's evidence that Mr Munn's car had been caught by the camera.

He ordered that Munn pay a further 50 costs although the prosecution had asked for 255.

Munn, of Chatham Close, Woolwich, was appealing against three points on his licence and a 60 fine and 100 costs imposed by Daventry Magistrates Court.

In court David, who represented himself, said: "In my heart of hearts I know I was not speeding. I was coming home from a dance.

"I use the road regularly and know exactly where the camera is."

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