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Last Updated: Wednesday, 15 September, 2004, 05:41 GMT 06:41 UK
Chip and pin trial is a success
Chip and pin machine
The new technology will replace signing to buy goods
Northampton shoppers are still enthusiastic about chip and pin cards a year after the town became the first place in the UK to trial the system.

Researchers found 87% of cardholders had used them to pay for goods while 75% said they used the technology for at least half of their purchases.

And 97% of debit card users said they had no problems remembering their pin.

A spokeswoman for Chip and Pin said customers also appreciated the extra security the system involves.

Security features

The town was chosen to trial chip and pin last summer.

Chip and Pin spokeswoman Jemma Smith said: "Northampton shoppers and businesses have been using chip and pin longer than anywhere else in the UK and this research shows one year on people are as enthusiastic as ever."

Researchers, who questioned 197 people, found two-thirds of cardholders said they thought the cards were safer and protected them from fraud.

In addition 84% of people said they thought it would be easier for someone to forge their signature than to guess their pin.

The cards aim to combat fraud by having a microchip in them which is stores information more securely than a magnetic strip.

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