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East Yorkshire company makes giant rocking horse

Rocking horse
The horse's features were modelled on a real horse called Bertie

A giant carved wooden rocking horse being made in the East Riding of Yorkshire is thought to be the largest of its kind in the world.

The sculpture, which stands almost 5m (16ft) high, is being made by craftsmen at The Rocking Horse Shop in Fangfoss near York.

A real thoroughbred, Bertie, who lives at the shop, has been used as a model for the features of the horse.

Artist Marcia Farquhar commissioned the horse for an exhibition in Cheshire.

Ms Farquhar had been asked to make a work for the Tatton Park Biennial art festival in Knutsford and after a visit to the house was inspired by a small rocking horse there.

"The idea developed after seeing a little black rocking horse under a Christmas tree on a site visit to Tatton Park," she said.

Rocking horse
The sculpture stands at 4.9m (16ft) high

"I wanted to bring the image, with all its associations, outside, and I wanted to bring it back to its natural scale, its full-grown adult scale."

The sculpture is called 'The Horse is a Noble Animal', but its makers have nicknamed him Big Bertie, after his real life model.

Master Rocking Horse maker, Anthony Dew, who designed the horse said: "I've been involved with rocking horses for 35 years now, but this, at 4.9m long by 3.65m high (16ft x 12ft) will be the biggest we've undertaken.

"It is considerably larger than life size and when completed it will be, as far as we know, the largest hand carved rocking horse in the world."

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