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Woman killed by stampeding cattle

A woman has been trampled to death by a herd of cows while walking her dogs in a field in the Yorkshire Dales.

The victim, from Warrington, Cheshire, had been walking along a stretch of the Pennine Way outside the hamlet of Gayle, near Hawes.

It is thought the cows were panicked by the sight of her two dogs - a brown and white spaniel and a collie-type - who were both on their leads at the time.

North Yorkshire Police said the woman had not yet been formally identified.

The stampede occurred at about 1215 BST on Sunday.

A North Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: "She was surrounded by a herd of cattle and calves, and as a result of dogs being present, the cattle reacted in an aggressive manner."

Advice to walkers

Last year another dog walker, Sandra Pearce, 45, died in a cattle stampede at South Elmham in Suffolk.

And just two weeks ago, former Home Secretary David Blunkett was injured by a charging cow as he was out walking with his guide dog Sadie in the Peak District in Derbyshire.

Adrian Morris, of the Ramblers' Association, offered some advice to others who may be faced with a similar situation when walking through the countryside.

"Keep calm and move very calmly and quietly through the field that contains the animals.

"Very important at this time of year is not to get between a cow and her calf, because that will cause trouble.

"And if you've got a dog with you then the most important thing is for you to release the dog, let the dog go, because the dog can travel a lot faster than you can and will get itself to safety.

"Your safety should be prime in your mind."


The woman was thought to have been on a stretch of the Pennine Way outside Gayle

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