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Tesco store driver sues shopper

Jason Edwards
Mr Edwards said he was surprised when he received the legal letter

A shopper in North Yorkshire is being sued by a Tesco delivery driver who claims he was injured when he tripped over on his driveway.

A new driveway was being laid at Jason Edwards' house in York when the driver claimed he tripped over in the dark. He is now suing Mr Edwards for damages.

It follows similar legal action launched by another Tesco driver from North Yorkshire last month.

Tesco said it did not support the claim being made against Mr Edwards.

Mr Edwards said when the driver had fallen he had spoken to him and he had said he was ok.

Quite combative

"He stumbled over the [car] wheel and fell. At that point we checked that he was ok. He said he was fine and he went off unloading the van."

He said he was very surprised when he received the letter telling him he was being sued.

"I'm not the kind of individual who will lay down and accept this kind of thing so I was feeling quite combative.

"However, if it had gone to an elderly person or someone who was less robust, I can see how it would be a big worry for them."

A spokesman for Tesco said: "We would like to make clear that we do not support this claim and do not think that it is appropriate for our customer to be sued.

"The driver left the company and brought the case as a private individual once he had left our employment and, as such, to a great extent our hands are tied.

"However, we will urgently look into this case and explore what we can do to resolve it."

The Tesco spokesman added the other earlier case had now been resolved and the legal action had been dropped.

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