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Latex allergy nurse wins payout
Latex gloves
The allergy can be life-threatening
A trainee nurse who was forced to give up her career because of a potentially fatal allergy to latex has been awarded a six-figure payout.

Tanya Dodd, 25, was training at Scarborough General Hospital when she developed an allergy from wearing latex gloves as part of her job.

The allergy can cause breathing problems and anaphylactic shock, which can be life-threatening.

The hospital trust said it had learned lessons from the case.

Ms Dodd said she was never warned of the dangers of latex and when her allergy developed, she was never told to minimise her exposure to it.

"I am devastated that I will not be able to continue my work as a nurse," she said.

No amount of money can adequately compensate Tanya for the damage to her health and the constant threat of serious illness
Dave Prentis, Unison

"The only type of glove available on the wards was latex-based. I was told that if I was caught using latex-free gloves without special authorisation from occupational health and the ward sister, then this was a punishable offence."

Ms Dodd abandoned her training in 2002. Since then, she has been forced to replace everyday items such as hairbrushes, mobile phones and shoes to ensure she doesn't come into contact with latex.

'Lessons learned'

Dave Prentis, general secretary of Unison, which helped secure the compensation, said: "Tanya Dodd had a promising career ahead of her as a nurse, but her life and career have been blighted by the negligence of her employers.

"No amount of money can adequately compensate Tanya for the damage to her health and the constant threat of serious illness hanging over her.

"Employers must realise that they must take the health and safety of their staff seriously.

"The dangers of developing latex allergy are well documented, and the solution is simple - provide latex-free gloves. Scarborough General Hospital did not."

A spokesperson for Scarborough and North East Yorkshire NHS Trust said: "We are pleased that this claim has been settled. We are making sure that we learn lessons from this and wish Tanya well for the future."

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