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Man guilty of teenager's murder
Jenny Nicholl
Jenny Nicholl's body has never been found
A married man has been found guilty of murdering his missing teenage lover after she started a relationship with his older brother.

Jenny Nicholl, 19, disappeared from her home in Richmond, North Yorkshire, in June 2005. Despite a huge police search, her body has never been found.

David Hodgson, 48, of Olav Road, Richmond, was found guilty of murder after a trial at Teesside Crown Court.

He claimed Jenny had moved away and had contacted him since her disappearance.

A jury took 10 hours to find the former fence-builder guilty.

'Possessive jealousy'

Hodgson, who will be sentenced on Wednesday, was remanded in custody.

Jenny's parents, Ann and Brian Nicholl, said they were "clearly relieved with the rightful verdict".

In a statement, the couple said there were "still many questions unanswered relating to the murder of their daughter".

He's tried to lie and bluff his way out of trouble
Ch Supt Sue Cross

They said it was their "deepest wish" to know where Jenny's body was so they could bury her "with the dignity and respect that she so rightly deserves".

During the trial, the prosecution alleged Hodgson killed Jenny on the evening she disappeared, June 30, and then hid her body.

Some of her personal possessions, including a portable stereo, teddy bear and beauty products, were later recovered from a wooded area, which was known to Hodgson.

Brian and Ann Nicholl
Jenny's parents said they needed to know where her body was

James Goss, QC, prosecuting, said Hodgson's motivation for killing the teenager was "possessive jealousy" and that he told "many lies" to cover his tracks.

In the weeks before her disappearance, Jenny became friends with Robert Hodgson - although he was unaware that David Hodgson, his younger brother, had a long-standing relationship with her.

Jenny worked in the local Co-op store in Richmond and was well-known on the pub scene in the town because she played guitar in a band.

Ch Supt Sue Cross, from North Yorkshire Police, said: "Throughout the investigation and now the trial, Hodgson has failed to accept responsibility for his actions and has deprived Jenny's family of any sort of explanation for her death or where he disposed of her body.

"He's tried to lie and bluff his way out of trouble and possibly even convinced himself that he was innocent.

"I only hope he will now have the decency to reveal where Jenny's body is so her parents can finally allow their daughter to rest in peace."

Jenny Nicholl disappeared from her home in 2005

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