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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 February 2008, 15:54 GMT
Boy, 5, finds local bank unlocked
HSBC (generic)
The five-year-old was rewarded with his own bank account
A five-year-old boy has been described as a "little superhero" after finding a North Yorkshire bank unlocked.

Oliver Pettigrew pushed the front door and entered HSBC bank in Easingwold, despite the branch being closed.

The boy's father Daniel Pettigrew said he immediately called the police after his son's discovery.

A spokesman for HSBC blamed the security lapse on a fault with the electronic door, and rewarded Oliver by putting 10 in his own bank account.

You're a little superhero - you've saved the day
North Yorkshire Police

The youngster's mother Alison Pettigrew said: "We couldn't quite believe it when Oliver ran into the bank.

"It's our local bank so we're in there all the time and he ran in to play with the toys.

"But it might not have been a little five-year-old who was looking for toys."

The spokesman for HSBC added: "In most of our branches we have electronic doors so they don't have a key lock and there had been a malfunction in one of the devices that actually puts the bolt across."

The branch reassured customers that no personal details were compromised during the incident.

Afterwards police told Oliver: "You're a little superhero - you've saved the day."

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police confirmed that officers attended the bank after Mr Pettigrew's call.

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