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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 February 2007, 20:19 GMT
Safety cost closes historic lift
The St Nicholas Cliff lift
The lifts need an investment of 445,000
A campaign has started in Scarborough to save one of the town's historic cliff lifts.

The lift at St Nicholas Cliff is closed because Scarborough Borough Council says it cannot afford 445,000 needed to meet health and safety standards.

The lift, which opened in Victoria times, runs from near the Grand Hotel to the Aquarium Top.

Scarborough's civic society said the lift was an important part of the town's history and must be saved.

Closure 'unfortunate'

Chairman Peter Cooper said: "It's a key part of Scarborough's urban renaissance, it's part of the historic fabric of the town.

"We cannot accept that the council feels there is a great cost to this because in fact the lift makes a profit and if they're getting a profit then surely we can us them for the future."

The council's cabinet has agreed to spend up to 186,000 to maintain the South Cliff lift near the Spa.

Graham Price, the council's head of property services, said it was unfortunate that the lift had to be closed but said customers should not be disadvantaged as they could still use the South Cliff lift.

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