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Hair dye teenager's head swells
Jack Taylor
Jack's head swelled up to the size of a football
A 15-year-old boy has vowed never to use home hair dye kits again after part of his head swelled up to the size of a football in a violent reaction.

Jack Taylor, of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, was rushed to hospital a day after using the L'Oreal hair dye.

Doctors said Jack had a suspected allergic reaction which would clear in a few days, but three weeks on the teenager still has a rash on his body.

L'Oreal said it was "very concerned" but its skin test was 100% effective.

'Couldn't see'

Jack said he followed the instructions and carried out a skin test on his arm before using the dye.

He said: "I got home and my head was swollen to the size of a football and I couldn't see out of one eye.

Jack Taylor
The teenager said he would never dye his hair again

"I went to the hospital and I was given steroids and antihistamines, but I've still got a nasty rash all over my body.

"I've not been able to go back to school because of it."

Jack's dad Russell, 47, said his son had dyed his hair before but there had never been a problem.

He said: "Now he has done this and had a reaction I don't think he will ever dye his hair again."

In a statement, L'Oreal said its primary concern was consumer safety.

It said: "We are very concerned to hear of any negative consumer experience."

Small minority

The statement said though rare, reactions to hair colourants could occur for a small minority of people, which is why it displayed safety instructions on all of its products.

The company said: "These potential reactions can be detected by carrying out the skin allergy test as directed, 48 hours before using the product, every time it is used.

"Independently reviewed scientific studies show that this skin allergy test is 100% effective in helping to detect any potential sensitivity that the consumer may have to a hair colourant.

"It is a matter of biology that it takes up to 48 hours for the body to show any reaction."

An interview with the boy and his father

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