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Gatecrashers cause 15,000 damage
House wrecked in party
The family was "confronted by a truly awful scene"
Teenage gatecrashers caused damage valued at 15,000 during a party at a house while the owners were away.

Police said up to 100 people who were at the party in Harrogate on Friday night wrecked rooms in the property and even damaged a greenhouse and shed.

Televisions, DVD players, cash and jewellery were also stolen from the 1m Duchy Road luxury home.

Police want to trace those at the party and two men who arrived later and chased the last few stragglers away.

Owner Robert Bowles refused to divulge further details about the party, but returned to his home several times on Tuesday, supervising a painter and decorator and cleaners.

Asked how his family was coping, he said: "That remains within the four walls of this house."

Every room in the house has been damaged in some way - even the garden shed hasn't escaped
North Yorkshire Police spokesman

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "The couple who own the house and their daughter had gone to London for the weekend.

"The daughter has allowed two of her friends to use the house. They have invited a few people in but word has got round and gatecrashers have come in and it has all got completely out of hand.

"When most of them have finally gone, two men have turned up and threatened the last dozen or so youngsters and chased them out of the house."

The owners cut short their break after being contacted by police on Friday night and returned to the wrecked house on Saturday.

"They have come back to be confronted by a truly awful scene," said the police spokesman.

"Every room in the house has been damaged in some way, even the garden shed hasn't escaped."

He said officers were attempting to track down everyone who went to the house, but no-one had yet been arrested.

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