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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 January 2007, 20:21 GMT
Seal finds home 60 miles from sea
Sammy the seal
Experts said the seal could stay due to the plentiful fish stocks
A seal has taken up residence in a North Yorkshire river, 60 miles from its usual home in the sea.

The seal, which has been nicknamed Sammy, has drawn the crowds since it was spotted in the river Wharfe in the market town of Tadcaster.

A marine expert said it was unusual for a seal to have swum so far inland and to stay there for a prolonged period of time unless they were lost.

But, he said, Sammy seemed happy in the river due to the good stock of fish.

Becoming popular

Residents of Tadcaster said the seal seemed to be enjoying the attention.

One said: "It was bobbing up and down and watching everybody, taking all the attention."

RSPCA inspector Geoff Edmond said the seal's welfare would be monitored.

He said: "The seal seems to be quite happy living in the river and no doubt is finding plenty of fish to eat, and enjoying itself.

"It doesn't appear to be injured, it doesn't appear to be too distraught, it seems to be attracting a lot of attention, it seems to be becoming quite popular."

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