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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 July 2006, 04:19 GMT 05:19 UK
City marks emperor's anniversary
Archbishop John Sentamu
Dr John Sentamu will lead a service at The Minster in York
Roman soldiers will accompany the Archbishop of York when he leads festivities to mark the day Constantine the Great became Roman Emperor.

Constantine was made emperor in York on 25 July, AD306, when his father Emperor Constantius died in the city.

The archbishop, Dr John Sentamu, will lead a service at The Minster in York to mark the anniversary.

This will be followed by a parade led by marching Roman soldiers and a chariot pulled by a goose.

Procession co-ordinator Helen Turner said: "This is such a massive day for the city and we are proud to be involved.

"Students from our university college have been working alongside York pupils to create some marvellous banners and objects in response to the Constantine exhibition at the Yorkshire Museum."

Constantine is widely regarded as being the first Christian ruler of the Roman Empire.

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