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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 June 2006, 06:40 GMT 07:40 UK
Pupil banned for England haircut
Martyn Woodward
Martyn will keep the haircut until the end of the World Cup
A football-mad teenager has been told he will have to sit his exams away from his fellow pupils after having a patriotic haircut for the World Cup.

Martyn Woodward has had his hair shaved into the shape of a St George's Cross to show his support for England.

But Huntington School in York has now told him he has to sit his GCSE exams away from the other students.

The school says the haircut breaches its policy but Martyn has vowed to keep it until the end of the tournament.

Martyn said: "I did it to support England, get behind the team and celebrate. It's a bit stupid, I thought they would let it go because I am only going in for my exams, I'm not in full time."

The Woodward home, adorned with England flags
The Woodwards have thrown their support behind England

Martyn's parents, who have also shown their support for England by covering their house with flags, say the school is being mean and petty.

Huntington School head teacher Chris Bridge said the style of Martyn's haircut was "extreme" and did not meet school standards.

"Anyone who breaks school policy will be kept out of the classroom until they conform," he said.

Earlier this month 13-year-old Lewis Whitehead was sent home from his school in Cornwall for having a special haircut in honour of the start of the World Cup. The teenager had hexagons shaved into his hair to make his head look like a football.

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