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Peace campaigner confronts Bush
Lindis Percy being led away by police
The veteran peace campaigner is well-known to police
A veteran Yorkshire peace campaigner confronted former US President George Bush Senior as he arrived to speak at a conference in Harrogate on Friday.

Lindis Percy burst from behind the crowd of waiting photographers and reporters at the Yorkshire Event Centre to confront the 41st president.

The 64-year-old, who lives in Hull, accused Mr Bush Senior's son of doing "terrible things in the world".

He paused for a moment before replying that he was very proud of his son.

Within a few seconds the campaigner, who has been arrested on numerous occasions at the nearby US base at Menwith Hill, was grabbed by police officers and bundled into a nearby van.

At one point the grandmother fell to the ground and officers attempted to arrest her and place her in the van.

She kept demanding to know why she was being arrested and shouted anti-Bush messages.

'Not welcome'

Meanwhile, around 50 protesters provided a noisy reception for the former US leader.

Members of Yorkshire CND, Leeds' Stop the War Coalition, students and other protesters gathered on the perimeter of the Yorkshire Event Centre.

Although the majority of the protesters were kept well away from the conference hall, they made themselves heard through a PA system and drums.

Mr Bush was in Yorkshire to deliver a speech to local business leaders at the Yorkshire International Business Convention.

George Bush Senior arrives at the conference
Mr Bush said he was very proud of his son
Sarah Cartin, regional worker for Yorkshire CND, said: "We are here to protest against the Bush regime, both present and past. We are protesting against Bush senior's policies in Iraq and Panama and as he is the figurehead of the Bush dynasty.

"We do not think he is a suitable role model for business leaders and young people and we want to make him aware that he is not welcome at these sort of events."

During his 45-minute speech, Mr Bush jokingly referred to the protest.

To a roar of laughter from the delegates, he said he believed the "dignity of his office" would have produced a more significant protest.

Mr Bush spoke of his time in office, his business career and his life in retirement.

He also touched on the war in Iraq and the World Cup, saying soccer was "gaining" in the States, but that England were "safe from us this time".

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