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Last Updated: Sunday, 21 May 2006, 11:41 GMT 12:41 UK
Bomb squad called to chip factory
A bomb squad has been called to a Scarborough chip factory to detonate two devices found among potatoes.

Police were alerted on Friday after a worker at McCain Foods in Eastfield found what was believed to be a World War II shell tip.

The bomb squad was called and a controlled explosion was carried out.

On Saturday, the bomb squad was called back to the plant after workers were evacuated following the discovery of a suspected hand grenade.

The device was removed and detonated in a controlled explosion before workers were allowed back into the factory.

A spokesman for McCain said: "Occasionally during the use of imported potatoes from Belgium and Northern France, ordnance debris from the First and Second World War is found."

The spokesman said standard procedure was followed after the discovery of the ordnance and the site had been evacuated until the devices were destroyed.

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