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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 March 2006, 20:41 GMT
Dinosaur hunters view their find
The team that discovered a 132 million-year-old dinosaur skeleton in Filey four years ago are to see it again in its newly-preserved state.

The 15ft-long plesiosaur has undergone hundreds of hours of conservation work since it was found in 2002.

It will eventually be the star exhibit when the redeveloped Rotunda Museum in Scarborough reopens in 2007.

Staff from Scarborough Museums have invited the team responsible for the original excavation for a preview.

It was found by amateur fossil collector, Nigel Armstrong, when looking for fossils at the bottom of a cliff.

He came across a vertebra in a landslip and was able to follow a further trail of bones up the cliff face until he came to the main skeleton, making it a more or less complete specimen.

He soon realised the significance of his find and alerted local museum staff.

Experts joined him at the site and the remains were excavated and taken away for detailed restoration.


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