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Last Updated: Friday, 24 June, 2005, 07:04 GMT 08:04 UK
Residents prepare for more storms
Flood damage
Villagers are trying to get life back to normal
Residents living in areas of North Yorkshire which were affected by flash floods are being warned more severe weather is on its way.

Letters giving people advice on what to do have been hand-delivered to homes and businesses in a bid to help villagers prepare for the worst.

It comes as forecasters predict yet more thundery storms and torrential downpours on Friday and Saturday.

Last Sunday a month's rain fell within a few hours causing widespread floods.

Anyone needing sandbags are being urged to contact their district council for help.

Map showing location of flooded towns and villages
The main flooded areas are on the edge of the North York Moors

Meanwhile, the task of removing tonnes of debris started in Hawnby on Friday.

Tractors and winches have been drafted in to clear more than 100 trees which were swept away by the water and which are now posing a flood risk.

The Environment Agency has also announced it is to hold two flood surgeries in Thirsk and Helmsley next week to give people the chance to find out how and why the floods happened.

On Thursday, local businesses renewed calls for tourists to return to the county saying they fear some may have to close if visitors stay away.

"We are open and we want to do business," said Chris Parkin, from the Carlton Lodge Hotel in Helmsley.

"We had the flash floods, but they went as quickly as they came and to be honest you wouldn't know we'd had a flood if it wasn't for some skips which will go in a day or two."

Mr Parkin believes the publicity surrounding the floods may have driven a large number of tourists away but says business owners agree that things should get back to normal.

"We need visitors to come otherwise our businesses will die. We are open, Yorkshire is open for business."

The tourism industry is thought to be worth nearly 2bn to the county.

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