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Last Updated: Sunday, 20 November 2005, 10:23 GMT
Phone parking payment just ticket
Penalty parking notice
Motorists can avoid parking tickets by paying with their mobile phone
A ground-breaking method of paying for parking in York's council-run car parks is being launched in the city.

Using their mobile phones drivers can "top up" their parking payments by dialling a single number and putting in details of their credit or debit card.

This payment along with the car park's allocated number and car's registration is then logged on hand-held computers carried by parking attendants.

York says it is one of the first places using phones for parking payments.

Motorists can make their additional payments by dialling 0870 4283854.

Caller recognition

The city's council claims this is one of the first places in the country to use mobile phone technology to make extra parking payments.

The bank card details are needed only on the first use, after that the council's computer system recognises the caller's phone number.

Users are prompted to enter the location number of the car park they are using. Each of the city's car parks have been allocated a designated number which will be displayed.

Where the parking tariff is 2 or above users are charged 20p to use the service and where the parking costs are less than 2 a 10p charge is levied.

Peter Evely, the council's Head of Network Management said: "One of the biggest benefits is that people will be able to pay for extra parking hours without having to go back to their car, which will make it much easier for people in meetings or those who want to stay in the city a bit longer."

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